“Quo vadis, Domine?” “Where are you going, Lord?”  According to the story, this is what the Apostle Peter said when he met Jesus in a vision on the Appian Way as Peter was fleeing Rome, where the emperor Nero was getting his persecution of the Christians into high gear.  “To Rome, to be crucified a second time,” Jesus replied.  Ashamed, Peter turned around and went back to Rome, where he was crucified head down.

I apply the phrase to the state of the world and especially of the Western world, including my own countries, Denmark and the United States.  You will find frequent reflections on events great and small, all of which exemplify some trend in the culture, the economy, or the society.  Most of them will regrettably be negative trends, that is, trends not conducive to the moral and economic health and well-being of people.  “Where are you going, world, and why is it so often in the wrong direction?”

My categories will include local and international politics, the culture wars, Europe and the EU (which are absolutely not the same thing),  Islamization, the green superstition — the belief in man-caused climate change — trends and developments within my church, the Catholic Church, widespread misunderstandings of history, Judeophobia — hatred of Jews and Israel, and occasionally some entirely different stuff, such as science fiction.

Entries will be in Danish and English.

To learn about me you can visit my website to read about my publications.  My education was first in Classics at Cambridge University in England and in medieval history at Bryn Mawr College, where I got my ph.d.  With the exception of a few years, I have never taught Classics or medieval history, but have taught and written rather about modern and contemporary European and U.S. history, politics, and culture, which has led to a number of books.  I am a dual national of the U.S. and Denmark and was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1953.



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