The Collapse and Rebirth of America

Many observers have noted that in recent years views on the prospects of the United States have been becoming increasingly polarized.  Those on the Left, called in America “liberals”, sense final victory in the culture wars that began in the 1960’s.  They see within their grasp the non-white, non-heterosexual, non-Western America that they ever more openly desire.  For them, the signs of the times are good.  Those on the Right, not to be confused with most American “conservatives”, see decline, decadence, and looming disaster.  For them, the signs of the times are terrible.

Now comes a most remarkable work of political and military science fiction, Victoria, by William S. Lind, a true and learned conservative.  Its first part is freely readable through the link, although I would also encourage anyone who can to buy copies and give them out.  He tells the story of how the United States fell apart, like the Roman Empire in the fifth century A.D., in the third to sixth decades of the 21st century, and how a resistance movement based in Maine restored a country its members call Victoria, for Queen Victoria and the virtues she stood for.  I won’t summarize it further here; read it.

Some on the Right say they still believe in American progress and that the future will be better than the past.  Many European friends of America — of the authentic America, not the Left’s caricature — say the same.  Regrettably, the America they see is ceasing to exist before their eyes.  Of course the descent into chaos can be reversed, but that would require politicians and an academic and media system favorable to that authentic America, and such hardly exist any more.

Reasoned objections to Lind’s sombre forecasts are welcome.


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